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Arron MacKeogh

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Custom Tattoos

Come in to Ouch Studios and see what experience looks like. Arron MacKeogh has seen it all and inked it all.  When you want a tattoo artist who has been around the block, you want Arron. He's been inking beautiful tattoos all over the country for almost 30 years. From expansive and interconnected designs to smaller, finely detailed tattoos, Arron has you covered.


Arron is proud of his body of work and always excited to create another masterpiece.  

Arron loves a challenge. He is eager to work with you to custom design the perfect image to make a statement, or express a belief, or just plain look cool. Trust Arron to take what's in your head and ink it into reality.

Visit Arron at Ouch Studios - he's always there ready to discuss your new tattoo ideas. Arron believes a good piece of body art begins with an exciting conversation between you and your artist.

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- Michelle Smith