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Come see us at Ouch Studios and witness the work of some of the best tattoo artists in Omaha. We are a dedicated team of artists who work closely with you to get your body art perfect, down to the smallest detail. Whether the image is large or small, a touch up to an old tattoo or a brand new design, we take great pride in each tattoo we ink.


We want to earn your trust. Come meet the artists at Ouch Studios and get a feel for our friendly, laid back studio. We're always eager to talk tattoos with you.

We know the inking experience is unique. We want to make that experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible. You'll be greeted the moment you walk in the door and treated with respect every step of the way.

We keep our studio impeccably clean so you feel at home when you visit. We always use disposable needles, tubes, and ink caps for your safety, and we also provide you with aftercare products and instruction.

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"They have done two tattoos for my wife and both were fantastic!"

- Google User

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