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Troy Christensen

Great Art

Core Values

Troy Christensen is the driving force behind Ouch Studios. He is a life-long body art enthusiast eager to share his love of the art form with you. Troy is committed to giving you the highest quality body art at a reasonable price.  


For Troy it's not just about the art, though. It's about giving you a pleasant and memorable body art experience in a clean and comfortable environment. Come meet Troy at the Ouch Studios location on 14135 South Street in Omaha.

Troy values your safety and the safety of his artists. He has installed hand washing stations throughout the new location in down town Omaha. He also red bags all medical waste and has it disposed of properly.

Along with his commitment to safety and customer service, Troy is dedicated to creating the incredible tattoo that you've been dreaming of. Whatever the design, you can trust Troy to make it look perfect.

Call or stop by to meet Troy- the bossman himself:


"I was completely doted on the entire 2.5 hours I was there"

- Michelle Smith